Derek Rempfer’s short stories have appeared in The Rockford Review, The Foliate Oak, Underground Voices, and Necrotic Tissue. Where The Broken Lie is his first novel.

Derek’s passions include:

  • His amazing and talented children (all 3 of them!)
  • Reading (but he sure gets sleepy these days)
  • Writing (but always has 1001 reasons why he can’t right now)
  • Sports (plays less than ever, watches as much as ever, coaches when he can)
  • Making bulleted lists (narrative is hard)
  • Referring to himself in the 3rd person (Derek thinks this is funny)

Perhaps more than anything else, Derek loves to connect with people. Not email/text/social media connections, but “yeah, that’s exactly how it felt” and “wow, you understand me” connections. His greatest hope is that he accomplishes this through his writing.

Yes, that’s pretty much Derek Rempfer.

Website: https://derekrempfer.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DerekRempfer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derek.rempferwriter

One response to “About

  1. Derek, I enjoyed learning a little more about you and about your recent successes. You are in a tough field, but people are beginning to take serious notice of your work. Congratulations! We met for coffee one morning some time ago and you generously provided me with a copy of materials your family had on the life of Peter J. Govig. I mailed you a booklet that was based in small part on some of that information. I just revised this booklet and was hoping you had a picture of Peter that you could scan and send to me. I would like to include it in the revision. I hope to hear from you. Gary Krahenbuhl


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