Good News! You’re In Disney World!

Do you ever have one of those moments where you’re a middle-aged father of three who is making a decent living, currently pursuing a lifelong dream on the side and thrilled about it, blessed with great family and friends, and then you realize you’re going to die one day?

ME, TOO!!!

But then I think to myself, “Man, this life….this whole place….I mean, this is Disney World!  And, yeah, fine, the park closes around 10, but until then…until then I’m an 8 year-old in FREAKIN’ DISNEY WORLD!”

You're in Disney World!

You’re in Disney World!

(Except 8 year-olds should not say FREAKIN’.  Nobody should, really.  It just doesn’t sound classy.  Anyway…)

So, yeah, we’re all in Disney World and sometimes our feet and our knees and our back hurt from all the walking and we’ve got to take a seat on a bench for a bit.  But let me caution you….don’t get too comfortable on the bench.  There’s just too much going on around you.  Don’t wait for all your aches and pains to go away before you get up and go get in line for Splash Mountain.

Get up now and go explore.  Go ride something (even if the lines are long).  Go see a show (even if it’s lame).  Go get yourself a tasty treat (as long as you’re eating a balanced diet).  But whatever it is, do it now.  Get off the bench and do it NOW!  If you get moving, you’ll have time to do and see everything you want to do and see. Because remember…it’s a small world after all.


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One response to “Good News! You’re In Disney World!

  1. You’re right, Derek, and this made me smile. Thank you.


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